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Wild or not so Wild?

December 28, 2006

Dude what the heck is up with the Wild? I mean come on this is the fricken NHL. I have seen highschool games better than the Redwings game i was watching tonight. They had it all going for them at the beginning of the season and now it is just blah. I am going to the game on New Years Eve and I really hope they don’t waste my time. I guess it would help if we had Gaborik back but still. One person cannot lead a team expecially a NHL team. Then again look at Sidney Crosby. The goaltending is pretty fricken bad I mean come on you are in the net for a reason make a flippin save for goodness sake. I was watching the last 5 mintues of the game and I was watching them reach for the puck and make lame passes and I’m like I saw better passes in my game tonight. I really wish they could start winning some games expecially on the road. You can’t be great at home and then suck on the road it doesn’t work that way. Come on Boys step it up! I want to see some serious action please!

Now to the gophers:

They play in the Dodge Holiday Classic this weekend and they will have to play with out Kyle Okposo, Ryan Stoa, Erik Johnson, Mike Carmen and Jeff Frazee. It’s going to suck butt that we won’t have Kyle but we have played with out him before so we will just have to step it up. I am excited to see the games thought because I want to see how well the other players step up while these five are gone. Hopefully it won’t get shoved back in our faces and we won’t get cocky like we did when we played Mankato. I want to see some of the 3rd and 4th liners play with the big boys! Anyways hopefully we can come out with a sweep of this thing and get ready for a difficult second half. I also hope the Wild will step it up and get back into the groove because there is a good chance Gabby ain’t coming back anytime soon.