Gopher Hockey: That’s 2 but 3 is still a charm

Ah what wounderful weekends of hockey we have had. Well probley not if your a Sioux fan or Badger fan but that’s okay you’ll get over it. Old news we won the MacNaughton cup by beating Michigan Tech whatever they didn’t even make it into the Final Five which pissed me off because i didn’t even want Wisconi in the tournament because they suck and Elliot needs to just go sign a damn pro contract so they can suck even more…. ha ha ha. Anyways so then the Gopher faced off against the Badgers and beat them with Blake Wheeler getting the Hat Trick. I do have to say one thing about the Badgers though. Brian Elliot is seriously the shit. It’s hard to say that but he does deserve a lot of credit for the team even making it to the Final Five but other than that the badgers suck. So it was very impressive for Blake Wheeler to get a Hat Trick. The Fighting Sioux beat the shit out of St.Cloud which I enjoyed watching. So that ment that the Fighting Sioux and the Minnesota Golden Gophers would get one more chance to bitch at each other across the bench. It was very entertaining to listen to the announcer named Kevin G. tell us all what was going on between the benches. It kept me busy when I got bored watching the Gophers in the Sioux end all the time. Oh and I should probley mention that the Sioux won the Final Five last year. Wow lets all click our heels together for them. Maybe we will give Oshie and Toews a beer while we are at it. While we are on that topic I think it is fucken bullshit that Bina got to play after he let his 2 underaged teamates out of a cop car. That is BS but then again they are all soooooooo important to the Sioux. Yeah well Davey boy maybe you should have though of that when you were putting Toews and Oshie out there and killing all of your penalties. I think he screwed himself but who am I to judge I’m just a kid. So the Gophers beat the Sioux in a thrilling overtime game (Which shouldn’t have went in to overtime) with Blake Wheeler getting the diving goal. Oh and I still Love how the Sioux fans bitch and bitch and bitch about the goal because it was against them. god, don’t you people have lives. It was a goal your just jealouse because for once you were getting your asses handed to you. Now to the Flynn goal that was waved off. Its a bitch and all but Tony Lucia fanned on it so yeah. But you can see in the replay he was trying to get up. but whatever all that matters is that we beat the Sioux and alls well ends well. Now on to the NCAA tourney where we play Air force and if we beat them we either play Michigan or North Dakota. Wow I’m so unimpressed. Now the Sioux get to get their hopes up that they beat Michigan and get to play us. Yeah well just so you know we are all pulling for Michigan so we can wave good bye as we head to the Frozen Four. It should be a great weekend of hockey and I hope you all have you brackets filled out and ready to go. And if any of you are pulling for and upset again. Don’t bet on it because Donny Lucia is making sure that doesn’t happen.

Friday UM VS Wisc

First Period:
MINN Blake Wheeler Jay Barriball/Brian Schack
UW Davis Drewiske –

MINN Alex Goligoski Cross-Checking
UW Matt Oliger Tripping
Jeff Likens Hooking

UW Jake Dowell Matt Olinger/Joe Piskula
MINN Mike Vannelli Tony Lucia/Mike Carmen
MINN Blake Wheeler Alex Goligoski/Mike Vannelli

MINN Ryan Flnn Hooking
UW Andrew Joudrey Tripping
Jeff Likens Cross-Checking
Jake Dowell Hooking

MINN Blake Wheeler –


Saturday Minnesota VS North Dakota


UND Kyle Radke Interference
Joe Finley Roughing
Taylor Chorney Slashing
TJ Oshie Roughing
Taylor Chorney Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Brian Lee Cross-Checking

MINN TEAM Too Mand On Ice
Evan Kaufmann Roughing
Mike Vannelli Interference

MINN Erik Johnson Tony Lucia/Mike Carmen
Ben Gordon Blake Wheeler/Mike Vannelli
UND Taylor Chorney Robbie Bina/TJ Oshie

UND Jonathon Toews Interference
Brad Miller Cross-Checking
Rylan Kaip Slashing
Chay Genoway Roughing
Joe Finley Roughing

MINN Ben Gordon
Erik Johnson Delaying the Game (That was dumb)
Tony Lucia Cross-Checking
Tom Pohl Cross-Checking
Jay Barriball Roughing
Blake Wheeler Roughing

Ryan Duncan Taylor Chorney/Robbie Bina

MINN Ryan Stoa Hooking
UND Joe Finley Tripping
Zach Jones Holding


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