Gophers VS Michigan Tech

So we won the MacNaughton Cup. We beat out St.Cloud but they won the DQ cup. What ever thats fine they can have it. Um friday nights game was a lot better than Saturday nights game. Not just because we won the cup and all but we just played a lot better on friday. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that Kellen was in the net and not Jeff. God what is up with him!? It’s like when Robbie Bina got that goal against him. All Robbie had to do was throw the puck at Jeff and it went in. Yeah ROBBIE WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RINK! My point is made. umm friday night like I said was better. The whole team in general was working hard and it showed because they won 3-1. Mich scored first but then we came back and all that stuff. On to saturday night. For god sakes how hard is it for the fricken ref to call a tripping penalty, a holding/hooking, penalty, or how about interference! What the heck. I’m not blaming the loss on the refs because it wasn’t there fault but come on the guy has his hands over the puck and the gophers cant get it because apparently it would be slashing. It was really annoying how there were two 5 on ‘s for the huskies but when there should have been an obviouse one for us he didn’t call it. anyways im done. But first i just want to thank North Dakota for beating the shit out of St.Cloud in “The Dog Pound”

Friday night
Frist period

Second Period
MTU Malcom Gwilliam Peter Rouleau

Jim O’Brien Alex Goligoski/Ryan Flynn
Evan Kaufmann Derek Peltier/Kyle Okposo
Tony Lucia Mike Carmen/Mike Howe

Third Period

The website doesn’t have penalties so yeah find them yourself

First period
Justin St.Louis John Schwarz/Ryan Angelow
Justin St.Louis –

Evan Kaufmann Erik Johnson/Kyle Okposo

MINN Alex Goligoski Interference
MTU Jimmy Kerr Slashing
Lars Helminen Tripping

Second Period
MTU Justin St.Louis Alex Gagne/Mike Batovanja
Tyler Shelast Lars Helminen/Peter Rouleau
Jimmy Kerr Peter Rouleau/Geoff Kinrade
Mike Vannelli Derek Peltier/Mike Carmen
Evan Kaufmann Ryan Stoa/Derek Peltier

MTU Mark Malekeoff Interference
Jordan Foote Roughing
MINN Evan Kaufmann Cross-Checking
Mike Howe Hooking
Brian Schack Roughing

Thrid Period
Evan Kaufmann Ryan Stoa/Mike Vannelli


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