Gophers vs St.Clown

arg! okay so friday nights game was a waste of mine and everyone elses time! for god sakes the Gophers looked like crap! it was like a flash back of the North Dakota series. Saturday night oh my gosh don’t even get me started what the hell! Somebody needs to inform the Gophers that it is a three period game not two periods. They went out there and embarassed themselves both games. It’s okay because today we play a team that is .500 but that means little in the WCHA the Gophers need to prove to everyone that they deserve to be number 1 and hey ALL YOU NEEDED LAST WEEKEND WAS A POINT AND YOU BLEW IT! Anyways it doesn’t matter because we need to focas on Mich. Tech. The huskies are fighting for home ice in the playoffs. personally i don’t think they deserve it because there are better teams out there who actully deserve it.

first period:
Ryan Lasch Matt Stephenson/ John Swanson
Nate Raduns Ryan Lasch/Casey Borer

SCSU: Dan Kronick Hooking
MINN: Erik Johnson Obstruction Interference
Derek Peltier Holding
Jay Barriball Slashing
TEAM Too Many on the Ice

Second Period:
SCSU: Ryan Lasch Dan Kronick/Justin Fletcher
MINN: Ben Gordon Alex Goligoski/ Jay Barriball

SCSU: Nate Raduns Charging
Michael Olson Hooking

Third Period
SCSU: Aaron Brocklehurst Johnswanson/ David Carlisle
Aaron Brocklehurst Justin Fletcher/Bobby Goepfert

MINN: Erik Johson Holding
Mike Carmen Slashing the Goalie
Mike Vannelli Instigating (Starting a fight)
R.J. Anderson Roughing
Ryan Flynn Obstruction Interference
SCSU: Andreas Nodl Tripping
Nate Raduns Tripping
Grant Clafton Roughing
Andreas Nodl Roughing
Ryan Lasch Holding
Grant Clafton Slashing

First Period
Evan Kaufmann Ryan Stoa/Kyle Okposo
Dan Kronick MAtt Stephenson/John Swanson

SCSU CAsey Borer Interference
Matt Stephenson Holding
Nate Raduns Hooking
MINN Ryan Flynn Cross-Checking
Justin Bostrom Interference
Tony Lucia Roughing

Second Period
Jay Barriball Blake Wheeler
Blake Wheeler Jay Barriball/Ben Gordon
Marty Mjelleli Gary Houseman/Garrett Raboin


Third Period
Nate Raduns Ryan Lasch
Matt Stephenson –
Gary Houseman Aaron Brocklehur


Anyone find it weird that there were only penalties in the first period? Or is it just me?

anyways Gophers play Tech and St. Clown plays UND for one in oour Minnesotan lives we can root for the Fighting Sioux of North Dakota… ouch that kinda hurt…

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