Gophers VS North Dakota

Damn we got swept by North Dakota! What the hell! this is wrong very very wrong! I seciously am super pissed about this weeks later. Anyways i know I’m a little behind in these so i am just going to post the penalties and goals so and then this weekend vs St. Cloud i will do the whole game thingy. But for know you will have to settle with this. I will do the same for the Alaska-ancorage and Colorado College.

North Dakota Friday:

1st period
Ryan Stoa Mike Howe/Kyle Okposo
Alex Goligoski Jim O’Brien
UND: Robbie Bina Jonathan Toews/ Ryan Duncan

Second Period
UND: Erik Fabian Rylan Kaip
Jonathan Toews Chay Genoway/ TJ Oshie
Ryan Duncan Jonathan Toews/ Taylor Chorney

Third Period
Ryan Duncan –
Justin Bostrom Erik Johnson/ Kyle Okposo

I couldn’t find the penalties but im sure you will live


First Period:
UND Darcy Zajac –
Ryan Duncan Jonathan Toews/ Chay Genoway
Robbie Bina Taylor Chorney
Minn Erik Johnson Alex Goligoski
Ryan Stoa Derek Peltier/ Kyle Okposo
Mike Howe Kyle Okposo/ Derek Peltier

Second Period
UND Ryan Duncan Taylor Chorney/ TJ Oshie
Erik Fabian Rylan Kaip/ Andrew Kozek

Third Period
UND TJ Oshie Ryan Duncan/ Taylor Chorney
TJ Oshie Jonathan Toews Ryan Duncan

As you can see it was a very painful series against a big rival that we would love to see them shut their fucken mouths already about Holy Cross. It was a bullshit game and we didn’t try we get it so how about you get over it because as far as I’m concerned you got lucky…

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4 Comments on “Gophers VS North Dakota”

  1. sioux fan Says:

    yeah gophers suck ice…. SIOUX RULE COLLEGE HOCKEY. the gophers just might as well drop out of the WCHA.

  2. i love hockey Says:

    wow u guys got beat by holy cross.

  3. alright sioux fan person i give the Sioux a lot of credit expecially your top line because it is amazing and we couldn’t control it i admit that but as long as we are admitting things here dropping out of the WCHA? Why cuz we keep winning it? and maybe you should go back and check the stats of the first of your season…

  4. Soignee Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation šŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Soignee.

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