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Gophers VS Colorado College

February 23, 2007

tDon coached here obviously and they had and article about Tony and sort of about tDon too but here is the article that was in the Pioneer Press:

Lucia living a dream playing hockey at U
Gophers or Colorado College, he just wanted to play for his dad
Pioneer Press

This weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo., will present the best of both worlds to Tony Lucia.

The oldest son of Gophers coach Don Lucia spent six years of his youth in Colorado Springs when his dad coached the Colorado College Tigers, but now he’s a freshman forward for the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team.

Tony left the Twin Cities on Thursday for his first trip back to the Springs as a collegian as the Gophers embark on a key two-game Western Collegiate Hockey Association series against the Tigers.

“I get to live two dreams in one setting,” Tony Lucia said. “At one point, I wanted to play for Colorado and play in the World Arena, so getting to go back there will be fun for me. Just to compete in that atmosphere, it will be a little bit of mixed emotions for me. But it will be fun.”

Although No. 2-ranked Minnesota has clinched home ice for the first round of the WCHA playoffs, the series against No. 14 CC will go a long way toward deciding whether the first-place Gophers win their second consecutive MacNaughton Cup. Six regular-season games remain.

Lucia, 19, who has six goals and six assists in 30 games for the Gophers, has grown up since his family moved to the Twin Cities from Colorado Springs nearly eight years ago. And he hasn’t stopped growing; the 6-footer is up from 175 pounds in September to about 190 now, he said.

He wanted to be a Tiger for the same reason he wanted to be a Gopher: because his dad was the coach.

But his father, a Notre Dame graduate, insisted Tony should look around.

Tony agreed, noting that he “wasn’t sure I was going to be a good enough player” to land a spot on the Gophers.

He left Wayzata High School after his junior year to add games and experience with the Omaha Lancers of the U.S. Hockey League last season, and it worked. He produced 12 goals and 35 points in 53 games and demonstrated enough talent to play in the WCHA.

Late in the season, the father and son drove back and forth from the family home in Plymouth to the Viking Cup junior tryouts in Burnsville and discussed every facet of the equation.

“It was a pretty tough decision,” Tony said. “We had a big heart to heart.”

That was when the father turned recruiter and officially offered his son a spot on the Gophers.

“He knew we wanted him,” Don Lucia recalled. “I think he needed to hear it. It was weighing on him more than I knew.”

Tony was relieved, “but I still needed time for it to settle down, to let it soak in,” he said.

Several days later, the recruit informed the coach that he officially would become a member of the Gophers.

The transition from son to player has been much less complicated, other than perhaps a few moments on Jan. 28 when Tony walked into the house just after his father had finished watching videotapes of the Gophers’ 5-3 and 7-3 losses to North Dakota the previous two days.

“Bad timing, you know?” Tony recalled.

Tony, who has notched 11 of his 12 points in the past 19 games, is treated no differently by the other Gophers because of his lineage.

“Since Day 1, we just think of Tony as another teammate,” Gophers captain Mike Vannelli said. “He has done a good job. He has done nothing but work hard. He does everything he should.”

Agreed, said sophomore goaltender Jeff Frazee, adding, “We don’t really notice the relationship outside the rink.”

Tony keeps his roles separate, stays mostly on his own side of the generation gap and keeps his mouth shut.

“I’m just another player. If the coach doesn’t need to know,” he said with a smile, “he doesn’t need to know.”

I thought that was a ncie article and you people might want to read it. Anyways back to the series. Th Gophers swept CC with the score being 3-2 both nights. Thanks to some fluky goals by Evan Kauffman. Also something to note about the series was Ali Lucia being one of the repoters for FSN for the series it was intresting to see her interview tDon.

Friday: 3-2 Gophers
First Period
MINN Jay Barriball Mike Vannelli/ Ben Gordon
CC Chad Rau Brian Connelly/ Braydon Cox

CC: Jake Gannon Interference
Brandon Straub Hooking
MINN: Jim O’Brien Cross-Checking
Derek Peltier Obstructon-Hooking

Second Period
Scoring: None

MINN: Justin Bostrom Roughing
Kyle Okposo Tripping
CC: Anreas Vlassopoulos Obstruction-Holding

Third Period:
MINN Evan Kaufmann Jim O’Brien/ Derek Peltier
Evan Kaufmann R.J. Anderson/ Jim O’Brien
CC Billy Sweatt Braydon Cox

Minn: Derek Peltier Roughing
CC: Brandon Straub Interference
Billy Sweatt Roughing
Braydon Cox Holding the Stick

Saturday 3-2
Frist Period:
Scoring: None

CC: Scott McCulloch Hooking
Jimmi Kilpatrick Hooking
Minn: Justin Bostrom Interference

Second Period
MINN Mike Carmen Tony Lucia/ Jay Barriball
Ryan Stoa Kyle Okposo/ Blake Wheeler

CC Adreas Vlassopoulos Slashing
Nate Prosser Unsportsmanlike Conduct
MINN Ben Gordon Hooking
Ryan Flynn Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Ryan Stoa Slashing

Third Period
CC Scott McCulloch Chad Rau/ Jimmi Kilpatrick
Mike Testwuide –
MINN Mike Carmen Jay Barriball/ R.J. Anderson

MINN Mike Vannelli Tripping

Yes it was in a way a very odd series because of Jeff Frazee comign out of the net. In a way there was nothing wrong with Jeff’s move because that is what you are supposed to do as a goalie. You should come out and try to stop them because if you stay in the net you probley will get beat.


Gophers VS Alaska Anchorage

February 23, 2007

WE headed back up to alaska and had no TV but we did have the radio. The first night was a blow out by the Gopher with a final score of 8-2 but the Seawolves cam back with a vengence against the Gopher but the Gophers puled through with a goal by Tony Lucia to seal the sweep of Alaska Anchorage.


First period:

UAA Blair Tassone Peter Cartwright/ Jared Tuton

Peter Cartwright Cross-Checking
Luke Beaverson
Brian Schack Holding

Second Period

MINN Mike Howe Kyle Okposo
Jay Barriball Brian Schack
Jay Barriball Alex Goligoski/Jim O’Brien
Ben Gordon Blake Wheeler

TEAM too many on the ice
Alex Goligoski Holding
Luke Beaverson Holding
Mat Robinson Tripping
Jay Beagle Interference
Nils Backstrom Cross-Checking

Third Period

Minn Derek Peltier Kyle Okposo/Mike Howe
Blake Wheeler Justin Bostrom/ Ryan Stoa
Derek Peltier Jay Barriball/ Tony Lucia
Kyle Okposo Ben Gordon/Mike Howe
UAA Josh Lunden Chand Anderson Paul Crowder

Derek Peltier Slashing
Ryan Flynn Holding
Mike Vanelli Roughing
Charlie Kronschnabel Tripping
Kevin Clark Roughing
Charlie Kronschnabel Charging


First Period
MINN Erik Johnson Ryan Stoa/Kyle Okposo

UAA: Chad Anderson Interference
Kevin Clark Roughing
Kevin Clark Tripping
MINN: Blake Wheeler Tripping
Blake Wheeler Hooking

Second Period
UAA Blair Tassone Paul Crowder
MINN Tony Lucia David Fischer/ Jay Barriball

UAA: Nils Backstrom Holding
Jay Beagle Roughing
Blair Tassone Interference
Minn: Ryan Flynn Roughing
Jeff Frazee Slashing

Third Period
Scoring NONE

UAA: Merit Waldrop Golatender Interference

It was a good series for us and after a week off we then headed to Colorado College where tDon used to coach and Tony Lucia was almost going to go.

Gophers VS North Dakota

February 22, 2007

Damn we got swept by North Dakota! What the hell! this is wrong very very wrong! I seciously am super pissed about this weeks later. Anyways i know I’m a little behind in these so i am just going to post the penalties and goals so and then this weekend vs St. Cloud i will do the whole game thingy. But for know you will have to settle with this. I will do the same for the Alaska-ancorage and Colorado College.

North Dakota Friday:

1st period
Ryan Stoa Mike Howe/Kyle Okposo
Alex Goligoski Jim O’Brien
UND: Robbie Bina Jonathan Toews/ Ryan Duncan

Second Period
UND: Erik Fabian Rylan Kaip
Jonathan Toews Chay Genoway/ TJ Oshie
Ryan Duncan Jonathan Toews/ Taylor Chorney

Third Period
Ryan Duncan –
Justin Bostrom Erik Johnson/ Kyle Okposo

I couldn’t find the penalties but im sure you will live


First Period:
UND Darcy Zajac –
Ryan Duncan Jonathan Toews/ Chay Genoway
Robbie Bina Taylor Chorney
Minn Erik Johnson Alex Goligoski
Ryan Stoa Derek Peltier/ Kyle Okposo
Mike Howe Kyle Okposo/ Derek Peltier

Second Period
UND Ryan Duncan Taylor Chorney/ TJ Oshie
Erik Fabian Rylan Kaip/ Andrew Kozek

Third Period
UND TJ Oshie Ryan Duncan/ Taylor Chorney
TJ Oshie Jonathan Toews Ryan Duncan

As you can see it was a very painful series against a big rival that we would love to see them shut their fucken mouths already about Holy Cross. It was a bullshit game and we didn’t try we get it so how about you get over it because as far as I’m concerned you got lucky…