Gophers VS Badgers

All right im a little slow on this thing but hey I have a life so forgive me. So the streak is over big deal. Now we can move on and play hockey. I’m kind of glad it is over because now there won’t be so much pressure on the boys the rest of the season and they can get back into Gopher shape because the last couple games they haven’t looked too hot. So the first game they lost obviously that sucks but what are you going to do about it. they went out there and slacked off a little bit and the Badger D were playing a great game and Elliot was on fire!!! Kellen played a great game as always and it stinks that he gets a bad mark because if you ask me it wasn’t his fault. But i don’t remember much of that game I just no the score was 1-2 and we move on now.

I took notes so i wouldn’t forget anything important that happened.

1st period

Jimmy O’Brien scored and yea it wasn’t anything fansty or anthing but yeah what ever its a goal. The Gophers had a lot of good chances but Elliot stoped most of them whats new right. That is the one thing that is frustrating. When teams actully have a good goalie. I hate that because then you can like not score. But then again you can’t score if you don’t shoot. Jimmy actully moved up to right wing on the second line. Don Lucia is showing confidence in him which is great for Jimmy and it shows that Don isn’t afraid to mix things up a bit. There was great D both ways in the 1st period. I was very impressed on how good it was. The first couple games after the World Juniors the D was a little messed up. I don’t know why that is but i just noticed it wasn’t as great as it was the first half but that might be because of fatigue (or what ever). Also another thing i noticed was Brian Schack up at forward. I think that is working out great. I really like him up there. At first I wasn’t too sure about it but now that i hve seen him play a couple more games as forward I really do think it is a great place for him to be. He knows the position and that’s great. A thing I questioned tho was when Jimmy O’Brien was on a break away and he missed and the that Ross Carlson kid that scored the 2 goals on friday was he slid right into the net. At first i thought he did it on purpose but then i saw the replay and i saw that he fell after he tried to catch up to Jimmy and that he would have slid into the net either way.

Kyle Okposo (dont remember)
Tony Lucia (Tripping)

Davis Drewiske: Holding


Wisconsin defentaly stepped it up during the second period. They didn’t let the gophers stand around anymore and they got a lot more physical. Jeff Frazee had to make a ton of saves. He was like and acrobat out there. It was great to see him make all of the saves too. It was fun to watch. Oh. My. Gosh. The announcer person was from Wisconsin and he was soooooo annoying. Every time somebody shot he called it a drive it was soooooo annoying. And he also kept saying Alex Gologoski’s name wrong. I can’t even type how he said it but it was annoying. I was like gosh! There was no scoring in the second period either.

Jimmy O’Brien: Hooking
Erik Johnson: Roughing

Joe Piskula: Holding
Blake Geoffrion: Roughing
Davis Drewiske: Hooking


The third period started with a 4 on 3 in favor of Minnesota. It was super funny because this guy was hacking at Frazee and Erik Johnson Shoves him over, on to Frazee which wasn’t to smart, and the kid trys to get up but Erik pushes him back into the net. It was super funny but i think he got a penalty for it. I think that Jeff Frazze totally kept them into the game. He was making a ton of great saves all through out the game expecially when the Gophers were in the penalty box. There was a lot of roughing around after the whistle and stuff liek that. Once Stoa was coming across the crease and there was a guy in there and he slapped him across the face with his stick. I personally thought it was funny but I guess he didn’t think so because he started arguing with the ref about it. In the last seconds the Badgers called a time out and there was an empty net but nothing happened because Minnesota went on to win 1-0 with Jeff Frazee getting the shut out.

Erik Johnson: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Tony Lucia: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Kyle Okposo: Cross-Checking

Ben Grotting: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Ross Carlson: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Wow what a weekend full of excitement and new beginnings. So heres to the future and the National Championship run that is about to become the Gophers!

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