Gophers Dominating the Minnesota Sports World

YEAH! The Wild won on New Year’s Eve! It was a great game to be at it was amazing! I LOVE Manny! Oh My Gosh it was so funny watching him push people out of the crease. Ha Ha. I was having a good laugh at that. Anyways um and then they lost to Tampa Bay so that stinks but we will get over it. I am so annoyed with people demanding Gabby back because if he comes back to soon he could hurt his Groin even more. Oh and the when i was at the Wild game on NYE on the power play people were screaming at the players to shoot the puck. you people obviously don’t get it because you are supposed to set up and be patient and get a good shot. That is why they pass so much and shoot little.

Gopher: They Beat Ferris State in the Dodge Holiday Classic and they beat the whole thing. It’s sad that Tyler Hirsch s gone but he has some problems that he needs to work out in his head so I wish him all the best and I hope he has a great life. Even though the Gophers did’t have Tyler of The five that are in Sweden I still think they played a good game. The only things was they were SUPER slow. I was like on edge the first period and I was a little nervouse something bad was going to happen. But Briggs shut them down and that was what we needed. I like Briggs a lot more now than i did in the beginning and I am really impressed by his preformance. Okay the goals for the Gophers were scored by: Derek Peltier, Tony Lucia, Alex Gologoski, Jay Barriball, and Blake Wheeler. Derek Peltier has a nice way of showing young kids to CRASH THE NET! Tony Lucia’s goal was nice too. He dove and shot and then rolled a little bit. It was a nice goal. Jay Barriball’s goal was just a great effort by him it was a nice shot. Despite what other people say about him i think he is a great player. Blake Wheeler well he is just Blake. I love how hard he works and I’m really impressed on the way he is playing. Alright i am super behind so lets move on to Mankato. Friday night we won 5-1. I thought the MAvericks jsut totally shut down in that game. They weren’t making any good passes and they were just letting the gophers dominate. I was a little surprised that they went out there and slacked off that much. I though they would take advantage of the 5 players still at the World Juniors Tournament. Speaking of the World thing did you hear that Kyle Okposo only had 1 assist the entire tournament?! I was so surprised to hear that. Erik Johnson had a great tournament he scored like 4 goals and had a couple of assists too. That is great for Erik and I hope he will keep this momentum alive and start scoring some goals for the Gophers. Fast forward to Sunday at Marriucci arena. I didn’t get to see the game unfortunatly i had a gmae of my own but seeing that we only had one goal scored the whole game was pretty pathetic. I mean come on at least score two!!! Kellen Briggs is amazing oh my gosh! he is totally keeping on our streak and we are going to need him this weekend against Wisconny. So after the game i guess on Sunday there were a couple heated words exchanged between MSU coach Jutting and another MSU coach. I have the story from Mankato Free Press:

WCHA investigating quarrel following Mavericks-Gophers game
Minnesota State assistant coach, league referee involved in heated exchange
By Shane Frederick
The Free Press


The Western Collegiate Hockey Association is investigating an altercation between a Minnesota State University men’s coach and a league referee following Sunday’s game at Minnesota.

Mavericks assistant coach Eric Means and referee Jon Campion engaged in a heated exchange in the Mariucci Arena locker-room area shortly after MSU’s 1-0 loss to the top-ranked Gophers.

University of Minnesota police officers physically removed Means and Mavericks head coach Troy Jutting, who was trying to diffuse the argument, from the immediate area.

Jutting said Tuesday that MSU is also “looking into what happened Sunday night after the game.”

Means acknowledged the argument with Campion but declined further comment.

Doug Spencer, the WCHA’s associate commissioner for public relations said league commissioner Bruce McLeod and supervisor of officials Greg Shepherd “are aware of what happened.”

Shepherd attended Sunday’s game. McLeod is attending NCAA meetings in Florida. There was no word of possible suspensions or public reprimand Tuesday.

“They’re getting information from different people and are looking into it,” Spencer said.

Jutting said he had been in contact with Shepherd.

The Gophers had seven power-play opportunities in Sunday’s game; the Mavericks had two. In Friday’s series opener at Mankato, the Gophers, who won 5-1, had six power-play chances, and the Mavericks had two.

Before speaking with media members after the game, Jutting had an animated exchange with police officers, apparently about how they handled the altercation.

When Jutting returned to the gathered reporters, he declined to comment on what led to the exchange with police.

Remember Minnesotans and everyone else out there. This weekend keep this one comment in your mind….


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