Yeah.. how do i describe the Gopher football team. Hmmm no words come to mind right now. I mean i don’t really care about football but wow. It’s hard to miss that in the Morning paper. That was badddd. I mean i don’t even no what to say to lose when you were once winning by 31 points how do you lose! Jezz! Man I am sure glad I am not a Gopher football fan. I mean first of all you aren’t even ina good bowl game to begin with and then you get a big lead and go down in history for the worst loss pretty much of all time! good greif! I’m done I just don’t even no what to say about it.

Gopher Hockey:
Yeah, they beat Alabama-Huntsville. Uh where is that? I didn’t know they had ice in Alabama… Anyways yeah they won 3-1 With goals by Jimmy O’Brien, Ryan Flynn, and Ben Gordon. The game wasn’t televised but i watched the highlights and read the paper and i guess all the goals were in the first period and the Gophers kind of shut down i guess. There were eight penalties on Alabama-Hunstville and we only scored on one. Hmmm doesn’t sound like gopher hockey to me but whatever. Then the goal that AH scored was with 19 seconds left in the game. Ouch poor Briggs. That’s why you gotta get the rebounds away from your net. Don Lucia said that defensivly they got sloppy after the first period. Lucia also said that dome of the defenseman might get a chance to play forward. Ha ha i think that’s funny but cool. Hopefully, they know what they are doing.

Schwan Cup
I watched the boys game all day on Thursday and they were some pretty weird game. First off Hill Murry v.s. White Bear Lake. It took the refs about 2 and a half minutes to get the players to play hockey. They stood there after the lineups and the National anthem and stared at each other. Nobody moved and finally the refs counted to three and they moved. I thought it was entertaining but it was also a waste of to minutes. The final score was 3-2 and i thought it was a bit sad that White Bear Lake lost. I mean they have a great hockey program but they weren’t moving there feet at all. Yeah i know that they played three games in three days but to beat Hill you need to keep your feet moving. I was most impressed by both goalies on both sides. The sad part was Aaron Corey was totally keeping White Bear in the game and then in the 2nd period Hill scored and the coach took him out of the game. I thought he was doing a great job but maybe they didn’t want to over work him or something. He also did look tired too. Joe Phillippi was amazing. Wow i haven’t seen good goaltending liekt hat in a while. He was awazing on Penalty kills and he just completly shut down White Bear. Well excpet for those two goals but other than that he was great. One thing i did questionw as why after the buzzer sound he watched the shot come in on net and hit the post. I mea the buzzer sounded but it was still a little weird. Mike Hoeffel was also at the game and was interviewd by none other than Ali Lucia! Wow its a family affair on FSN. My uncle said that she looks nervous when she is interviewing people but i thought she was fine. I mean she ins’t a Marney Gellner but she is good. Mike is playing in Anarbor and will play for the Gophers next year! YEAAAA! I saw him play last year in the Boys hockey tournament last year and he looked pretty good. So shove it North Dakota.

Minnetonka v.s. Maple Grove
That game was a flippin joke. Oh my gosh i thought for sure that Minnetonka would win by a lot more. In the first like 2 minutes of the game Minnetonka should have had liek two goals but thank god for Maple Groves goalie Tony Renstrom. He kept them in the game and Minnetonka kept it in MG’s zone. The whole game was played there and Minnetonka wins 4-0.

Edina vs Cretin-Derham Hall

All I have to say is ha ha ha ha ha. Wow the numer what 2 or 3 team int ehs tate gets their asses handed to them because they didn’t work hard. ha ha ha. Well i guess i shoudn’t say that the goalie Ben Hause played a great game ebcause 3 of those goals there was absolutly nothing he could do. the defenseman left a guy open in the slot and he hit a one timer and the crowd cheered. end of story. Also another person who worked hard was Ryan I don’t know his last name but also Drew Darwitz he worked hard and it was nice to see someone working.

Centennial 2 vs #1 Holy Angles 8

The title says it. I feel bad for Centennial I mean their team is like really young. They were in the game in the first period and then came Britton, Yes Britton as in Britian, Smith and Danny MAttson who both had hat tricks. Yeah two people with hat ricks that sucks. I can’t believe that someone would name their kid Britton. Wow! Anyways i really wish Centennial could have pulled off the upset. It also would have been nice because they beat Warroad. Oh well maybe next year.

Ha ha that was so tight to see Wes Walz get a goal where he didn’t even have to shoot. he he i love goals like that and it is even better that it was in overtime btu yes the wild win 4-3 so tahts good now hopefully they don’t lose to the Ducks. They seriously shoudl have kept the name Mighty Ducks I mean do you agree with me that Ducks sounds weird? hmmm i don’t understand. Hopefully this is a turn around for the team and they start winning at home AND on the road!

Well that’s it for now!

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