Tony Lucia’s Goal

Yeah this is way old news i know this but i can’t really help it because i was on Youtube and i was watching the replay again and i can’t believe that some badger fans are saying it isn’t a goal. It is total BS to even think about replaying it as people are saying on this blog:
go to it and look at the BS some people are writing. and then you go on youtube to view the video and look at some of the comments like one of them said Brian Elliot got checked in the head. Whatever he did not get checked in the head that is flippin stupid to even post that comment because the only reason Mike Carmen ran into Elliot and take him out of the play was because of the Badger player that ramed him into the goalie. The Badger player should have gotten and interference call on that too so if the ref would have even thought about reviewing it he would have called a pentalty on him. I also don’t understand how the Badgers fans have their undies in a bunch over it because the coaching staff didn’t bitch about it so why are all of them. It is stupid to review it and im glad that they didn’t. Tony’s goal was a great goal and it proved how hard you need to work and that is great that he could have his first goal like that so why don’t people stop complaining and get over it.

Here is the Video for those of you who are wondering what i am talking about:

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