hmmmmmm… where to start with the gophers. they are number 1 in the WCHA and they are what 15-3-1? Something like that right? Yup that is the gopher mens hockey team for you… but how are the women doing? 11-2-1 not as bad as I thought. They are number 2 in the WCHA. But lets get back to the Men’s hockey team since they are the ones to focus on. The gophers have a huge freshman class this year. The freshman class has some talent yes but some of the players I question. 1 in particular Erik Johnson. First in the First round draft pick last year over Kyle okposo i think that is pure BS. kyle has a hell of a lot more skill than Erik. i just don’t see how he is that good. To me he just doesn’t seem to be all he is cracked up to be. I have watched abotu all of the Gopher games this year and i watch him and he jsut seems to make stupid decisions and he doesn’t seem to be taht physical. sure against the Mavericks he did get a little physical but other than that to me he just seems to be a big ugly blob out there. Then you look up to the forwards and you see Kyle and you say yes there is some NHL material. I’m not saying Erik isn’t a good hockey player im just saying his skill doesn’t stand out much this year. I know for a fact it isn’t because he a defenseman because you look at Mike Vannelli and Alex Goligoski and they have talent but they have also played in the WCHA for 3 and 4 years. So hopefully with experiance comes skill because to me he is not ready for the NHL and I don’t think he will be any time soon. Kyle is a special player as i see it. its going to suck not having him out there a game against the Mavericks since they knocked us off our pedestal a couple weeks ago. To me we just go a tad bit cocky focusing more on their record then their skill. Its the WCHA its a tough league no matter if you play UND or Mankato.

So here is the roster:
1. Jeff Frazee- I like him but I dono if i like him or Briggs better
4. Erik Johnson- Like i said he’s okay but he doesn’t make me thing oh my gosh he should be in the NHL like Kyle.
5. Derek Peltier- I haven’t seen him play much he does have a pretty storng shot tho so that is good expecially because he is a defenseman…
6. R.J. Anderson- haven’ seen him play much either so i can’t really say much but i no he did go to cenntenial and he was on that team when they won state.
9. Kyle Okposo- he has a ton of talent all you have to do is watch all of the replays of his Mankato game. It was soo tight i mean that is like amazing. To me he should have been the First person to be picked in the NHL draft but what ever.
10. Alex Goligoski- I would be afraid of his shot he just rips this shot from hell and it’s like pshh i would jump out of the way! hes a solid dsefenseman too and we need people like that so that is good.
12. Tony Lucia- obviously he is Don’s son and all but i think he is a pretty good hockey player. I like him on that line with Carmen and Flynn its working out nice for him and i also think that he probley works the hardest on the team. he backchecks and he can take and give a pretty nice check ( is that how you spell it, wow that is sad i should probley no taht since i play hockey!)
13. Ben Gordon- he is tough and thats good hockey is very physical and i think he is right up there with skill too. He plants himself at the side of the net and is ready to bang one in.
14. Justin Bostrom- Haven’t really seen him play i think he has been hurt or sumthing but i don’t think i have seen him play so im just going to go with what the gopher web site says about him: he’s a good point scorer so that is good expecially with Tyler Hirsch being a senior this year and Bostrom being a Freshman.
15.- Mike Vannelli- he’s strong and a good team leader obv. he is th Captin and all but yeah it hink hes a good defenseman and he’s got a nice shot too and i defenatily like him partners with Goligoski.
16. Mike Carmen- dono much about him but i like him with Lucia and Flynn. So i will go with what the site says again: he’s physical and is a good forechecker. There you go all you need in a forward. he he.
17. Blake Wheeler- Love the number. uhh Blake is a great hockey palyer i ahve nothign bad to say abotu him. he moves the puck well has a nice shot and is a good play maker too.
18. Jimmy O-Brien- He is only 17! Wow. he’s pretty good but he is a freshman and i think he needs to get stronger and get a little more hockey smarts and all nbut overall he is a good puck handler and he is agressive so that’s good.
19. Evan Kaufmann- no fricken clue sorry… uh once again can i have a life line: strong shot, playmaker, hardworking. there you go if hes a hard worker he is a great hockey palyer because you need to work hard in order to be able to skate with some of the people in the WCHA.
20. David Fischer- Defenseman hes pretty good i don’t really know about how good he is tho he doesn’t stand out that much to me but i will say its pretty hard to come from highschool to the WCHA so considering i probley couldn’t make that change as well as most of these guyz have i should probley shut up. But its my job and i think he will get better but it isn’t like he is horrible. To me he is just a bit above average.
21. Tom Pohl- dude no offense but i hadn’t even heard of him. so lets have another life line please: Tall, good offensive skills, nice guy.
22. Ryan flynn- ha ha him and my cousin are friends. umm ryan is a hard worker too as you can tell by the way he helped Tony Lucia get his game winning goal against Wisconsin. He works hard and doesn’t give up.
23. Tyler Hirsch- he is a goal scorer no doubt about it. He is a great player and he is defentily going to de missed next year. uh hes a great stick handler and ll but he seems liek hes kind of a hot head? i dont know him but thats what it seems like.
24. Mike Howe- good goal scorer and he does have a nice shot ha ha this is from the site too cuz i don’t really know much about some of these guys but i ahve seen him play and hes a good player.
26. Jay Barriball- i was watching him on Rosen sports sunday a couple weeks ago and he is funny. anyways um hes a good hockey palyer too. he makes things happen and thats the key. you need team work and i watched him give the puck to his teamates all night long vs Mankato.
27. Brian Schack- never actully seen him out on the ice but im sure he has been there so i dono but he is funny too. gooad at skating the puck, nice combination of size and mobility jsut to name a few *winks*
29. Ryan Stoa- He is a great passer stick handler and shooter. hes just great all around like almost all of the other players on the roster. I mean he has to be pretty good since he made the Junior team.
64. Kellen Briggs- The only non-Minnesotan on this roster. He was a maniac during the Mankato series. He totally held us in the game on saturday. Hes awesome.
35. Brent Solei: another goalie. he played in one game and i think he lost or i don’t know but hopefully we get to see him some more maybe this weekend against Alabama-huntsville er what ever.

To me most of all this Gopher team is jam packed full of good players and NHL drfat picks like : Erik Johnson, Kyle Opkoso, David Fischer, Blake Wheeler, Mike Vannelli, Ryan Flynn, Tony Lucia, Jeff Frazee, Derek Peltier, R.J. Anderson, Alex Goligoski, Mike Carmen, JAy Barriball, and Ryan Stoa. Wow pretty much everyone. But like i was saying this team is full of a lot of potential and so was last years with Ryan Potulny and all of them so we miss them but we have peopel to pick up where they left off and hopefully we can make it into the Frozen Four again.

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